March 2017

Adware Apps Booted from Google Play

More than a dozen apps were booted from the Google Play store Wednesday after researchers discovered each were rip-offs of legitimate apps and designed to aggressively push ads on Android devices.

Researchers from Zscaler spotted the rogue apps and said the crooks behind the software tried to trick users into giving the app administrative privileges. That gave bad guys the ability to pelt Android users with fullscreen ads, open browser links, launch YouTube videos, open apps installed on the phone, and place shortcut URLs on the home screen of devices.

A sample of the apps includes games, a photo editor, QR barcode scanner and a compass. Four of the apps were downloaded between 10,000 to 50,000 times. “After a primary analysis of these apps, we confirmed that they do not have any features that require critical device administration privileges,” wrote Gaurav Shinde, Android security researcher with Zscaler.

Shinde said most of the apps it examined used pirated code from legitimate apps. For example, one app with the package name com.ndk.taskkiller is a pirated version of the legitimate app called “Battery Saver HD and Task Killer.”

The pirated apps were identical to those copied with the exception of malicious code that allows the app to communicate with the developer’s command and control server. “Upon successful installation, these apps will communicate with a preconfigured Command and Control (C2) server and act in accordance with C2 directions,” Shinde said.

The initial command from the C2 is a request for administrative privileges. In order to coax users into granting access the app generates a bogus Android settings menu where victims are enticed to grant the app device admin privileges under the guise of activating a “Plus Service.”

“Once the user grants device admin privileges to the app, the app cannot be uninstalled until the user withdraws admin privileges for this app,” Shinde wrote.

With the elevated privileges, the app is capable of displaying ads, opening browser links or driving traffic to YouTube videos to generate ad revenue.

To get past Google’s various protections that bar bad apps from the Google Play store, Zscaler said developers injected the malicious packages inside Android’s genuine package for Google Mobile Services (GMS).

“The location of injected code is interesting. The package is Android’s genuine package for Google Mobile Services (GMS),” Shinde wrote. “In this case, a package named ‘logs’ is injected inside the GMS packages to evade detection.”

All the strings in the code were obfuscated. “The encryption technique leveraged here is trivial but served its purpose. After decrypting all the strings, the de-obfuscated code revealed the secrets hidden within,” said Shinde.

One of those secrets included the creation of a dex file that when executed plays a specific YouTube video and generates ad revenue for the video’s author. A .dex file (Dalivk Executables) is a compiled version of Android program. The functionality of downloading and executing .dex files allows these adware apps to execute arbitrary code pushed by C2 server, explained Deepen Desai, senior director of research and operations at Zscaler.

“It’s notable that this dex file is not embedded in the original app, but is downloaded at runtime. This means that the app developer can change the code of secondlib.dex at any time and it will be executed on the user’s device without requiring the user to update the app,” the researcher noted.

Obfuscation of the apps’ malicious intent also included suppressing the adware component for the first six hours after installation. Researchers believe this was an attempt to bypass Google’s VerifyApps scanner, which executes an app for few minutes and analyzes its behavior before publishing the app on the Google Play store.

Another obfuscation technique is instructions from the command and control server to hide and unhide the app’s icon. This helps the perpetrator avoid user suspicions over the app.

“The app’s icon is only hidden if the app is not used for five days. In most cases, if an average user does not open an app for five days, after which the app icon is concealed, the user will probably have no idea where those annoying ads are coming from and is unlikely to suspect the now-hidden app,” the report said.

Google did not reply to Threatpost requests for comment for this story.

Desai said the apps were removed from Google Play about 24 hours after first showing up. Promotion of the apps was limited to Google Play with the exception of a viral video on YouTube.

“We found a YouTube video for game ‘Eighth Note Jump’, which is going viral from last month. In the description of that video, the uploader has given a download link which points to one of the malicious app,” Desai said.

Small Update: The Google Play store now supports Launcher Shortcuts

There are many Google apps that are preinstalled on many smartphones, but are not updated frequently. One of these is the Google Play Newsstand. After several months it was now again and the app has now also received the support for the launcher shortcuts, which are supported with Android nougat and with some other launchers.

Google introduced the launcher shortcuts last year and allows them to call apps at a particular place. This makes in some apps more and in other apps less sense, but since they can only be used optionally, is not a problem with both. Just a few days ago the GMail app got the support and with the free googleplay codes now follows the next app.

The Google Play store now supports the launcher shortcuts with the latest update. In this, there are four different entries that lead to the four main navigation points: your own subscriptions, the library, magazines and the items marked with ReadLater. Interestingly, the entry for Explore is missing, with which new contents can be searched – but obviously this menu was not overloaded.

Interestingly, these kiosk shortcuts have been implemented for the first time technically differently than before. Instead of being in an XML file, which can be read out by other launchers, these entries are found directly in the code. This means that these entries do not appear in other launchers. Whether Google wants to prevent the use in other launchers or there are other reasons is not known.

Tips For Extending Using Your iTunes Present Cards

You will definitely like obtaining an iTunes present card as an existing if you enjoy purchasing on the Apple Application Shop or on the iTunes Shop. As well as if you do not obtain this product as a present, there are numerous on-line stores where you could obtain this specific kind of digital card conveniently. There are additionally various repayment approaches as well as quantities or religions offered for you opt to from so you could get the most effective one that matches your spending plan and also needs.

You could absolutely go shopping to your heart’s web content as soon as you obtain your iTunes present card. You could download and install all the cds, applications or tunes, TELEVISION programs, as well as films you desire on your Apple tool. You will conveniently be lured to max out this card on all these things. You could still extend the usage of or amount packed in your iTunes present card. Exactly how? Adhere to the ideas listed below:

Acquire affordable or economical iTunes present cards. If you purchase one that comes at an affordable price, you will absolutely conserve loan and also obtain the most out of your iTunes present card. If you prepare on investing a whole lot on iTunes or the Application Shop, this will certainly be particularly handy. Figure out which on-line shops or distributor market iTunes present cards for much less compared to the real stated value. There are additionally some websites that acquire this kind of digital card from individuals that do not desire them as well as re-sell them to customers for a discount rate.

Go for the totally free products. Download and install and also discover all the cost-free things initially if you truly desire to extend the costs power of your iTunes present card. You could download and install a lot of one of the most preferred applications anyhow such as video games, standard office-related ones, as well as the applications you could utilize for modifying and also sharing images. You could likewise make use of the Leading Free graph in the Application Shop to figure out which applications as well as video games could be downloaded and install absolutely free. There are additionally blog sites and also web sites which share info on which tunes are readily available for actually absolutely nothing on iTunes.

Search for as well as use readily available bargains. Do some research study to locate out exactly how you could conserve cash when downloading and install some things from the Application or iTunes shop. Particular internet sites track as well as share bargains and also promo code codes you could make use of for some applications. Various other web sites or blog sites additionally share information on which flicks have actually lately seen a rate decrease on iTunes.

App Store credit: iTunes cards with bonus and discount

This week, buyers of an iTunes card at the Discounter Penny are given a bonus credit – it varies depending on the price of the card. A bank can instantly discount on iTunes credit.

The food discounter Penny offers iTunes cards with bonus credits this week in its branches. The campaign will run until next Saturday, 25 March. The additional credit is granted when you purchase a 25 Euro, 50 Euro and 100 Euro card. The higher the amount, the higher the bonus credit: the smallest card is 10 percent, the 50 Euro card 15 percent additional iTunes or App Store credit. When you buy iTunes credit in the amount of 100 Euro, 20 Euro – 20 percent – will be awarded.

To redeem the additional credit, buyers receive an extra code, which is noted on the cash receipt or the iTunes receipt – this must be redeemed in addition to the free iTunes code printed on the card in iTunes or the App Store.

Online discount on iTunes codes

At the DKB Bank, customers can buy iTunes codes online with discount. From a value of € 25, the bank writes 10 percent well – the discount amount is to be transferred back to the account within ten days.

The iTunes credit allows you to purchase in Apple’s digital stores, from the App Store to the iTunes Store, to the Mac App Store, covering both content and software. Subscriptions can also be paid more favorably, be it iCloud storage space, Apple Music or a Netflix subscription.

How to set up iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

If you have just purchased a new iPhone terminal, either iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, the first thing that will happen to your head is surely the doubts of How do I configure my iPhone? Or How long will it take to start using my iPhone ?. We know the impatience of the desire to release a new Apple product, so let’s answer your questions easily so you can start using your device in a few moments.

How long does it take to configure the iPhone 7?

Setting up the iPhone 7 usually takes around 15 – 30 minutes if nothing strange happens during the process. This is just to get you to the starting point where you can start using the iPhone. As I indicated above if there is an activation error, the activation can take us almost an hour.

After the initial setup you can choose how to set up your new iPhone and start using it, but most users want to migrate or restore from iCloud or make a backup with an iTunes backup. This can easily be done but it will take us another hour or even two in the setup time of the iPhone 7, of course everything will depend on the size of the backup.

When loading a copy from iTunes we can wait at least half an hour, but most likely if it is necessary to restore from a backup from iCloud, these will take us even two hours of our time.

How to set up iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Once we have turned on the new iPhone, the process of activating it is very simple thanks to the way it is done, step by step, as it has been created by Apple. If it is not available, you will be asked to create an Apple ID account, which is also very simple and fast.

In addition, during activation that can be performed from the same device or through iTunes, the iOS device will ask us if we want to recover the last backup of iTunes or iCloud. In this step you only have to choose the option that you prefer, among these you will also find the option to configure the device as a new iPhone, this will allow us to configure the device manually. At the end of the process, the iPhone is ready to be used.

During the configuration you can also configure Search my iPhone and Touch ID, security measures for access control and to find / find the iPhone in case of loss or theft.

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus "Jet White" could see the light soon

From the famous Asian website Mac Otakara firmly believe that Apple could be considering adding to its new catalog of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus a new model in “Bright White” or “White” color.

When will the iPhone 7 arrive in Bright White version?

According to the report, the same has not been specifically specified when the current and latest model of the Apple smartphone in the new bright white color could be available, although there is a probability that it is preparing to be launched during the End-of-year holidays, which could directly influence an increase in sales of the device.

Despite this, it is believed that the new high-end mobile device could be made of white ceramic material, as well as the latest model of the watch, Apple Watch, that launched the guys from the California firm during the last event Presentation of their new phones and watches.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus could have many more colors than other models

In practice, Apple may intend to make the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus in the new “Jet White” or “Bright White” color in order to offer its customers a new option among the different models that currently Are available in the (Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black and Shiny Black).

Of course, this is a news yet to be verified but not so far-fetched, especially considering that Apple has already launched other models of iPhone in white after having made the official presentation of the same device only in black.

inimum requirements of Ghost Recon Wildlands

inimum requirements of Ghost Recon Wildlands

Something less than a month after the release of the new Ubisoft, Ghost Recon Wildlands, we are starting to know the minimum and recommended requirements that we will need to move with ease. The news comes a week after finishing the closed beta, although they are not the definitive ones of Ubisoft, are requirements that have decided to give Nvidia.

The requirements that we are going to show you below, therefore, are not completely definitive nor count for the users of graphic cards AMD. However, it is expected that in the next few days Ubisoft will release its own requirements, which are probably 100% match with those that Nvidia has released.

Minimum requirements for Ghost Recon Wildlands

Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit only)
CPU: Intel Core i5-2400S @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-4320 @ 4 GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 660 with 2GB of VRAM
Disk space: 50GB free

Recommended requirements for Ghost Recon Wildlands

Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit only)
CPU: Intel Core i7- 3770 @ 3.5 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4 GHz
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1060 or GeForce GTX 970 with 4GB of VRAM
Disk space: 50GB free

This news comes, as we have commented, a week after the Ubisoft released the closed beta of Ghost Recon Widllands, a beta that has not had an outstanding performance. On the contrary, all users have strongly criticized the poor optimization of it.

In we tested the closed beta on a PC that exceeds the recommended requirements for playing Nvidia (1060 6GB, 16GB RAM and i5 6600), and the result was worrisome. Although the title was not unplayable, it clearly had a performance of about 20-30 fps below expectations, indicating that it needs improvement. However, the closed beta might have been terminated for some time and the current result would be much better than seen in that beta.

On the other hand, it has been confirmed that there will be open beta, which will be an opportunity for users to test the game to see how advanced the optimization is and we are likely to simultaneously know the official requirements of Ubisoft.

Castle Clash Cheats


Castle Clash Cheats

Castle Clash Cheats promise not only precious stones and gold, but also heroes, that are difficult to get. What is it & how do you save legendary heroes are? More here!

After the download of Castle Clash for Android or iOS, players get quickly to feel the typical limitations of Free2Play games. The Treasury is empty, resources are scarce and of legendary heroes far and wide each track is missing. That tempts one or the other sure to look for suitable cheats.

Legendary heroes come with Castle Clash Cheats?

The heroes are the alpha and Omega, and the most important fighter in Castle Clash. They are just hard to get and to snag mostly through the use of precious stones or at special events. Some exist only with the purchase of a certain amount of gems. The best example: the destroyer. Players get them only if they 300000 (!) Purchased gems via in-app purchase – which is even with the cheapest package around a money value of 1500 euro. Most players will be well prepared to invest a sum of such and are looking for alternative ways to destroyer Spiritmaster or Minotaur approach. It doesn’t work only with the Castle Clash Cheats. Because instead of Heroes bring only viruses or are hot on the data of people who willingly give it into the hands of dubious providers. That’s why our advice: distance should be kept of such dubious offers. Also, players risk the deletion of their account, should they be caught by Developer cheating.

Heroes come without Castle Clash Cheats

Well, in fairness must be said in advance that some heroes actually only via in-app purchases, and in no other way can be played free. The developer that put on the classic concept of Pay2Win (pay, to win). What is annoying is allay, that 1500 euro no rational human being to the wallet will take equivalent and the number of destroyers in the game remains more than manageable. For all other heroes, there are a few tricks, how to get to the coveted fighter:

  1. There’s the Druid, when you log in every day for 30 days.
  2. The spirit Mage is to win even without the use of real money: with luck and many app installations via Tapjoy.
  3. You can get the other heroes by precious stones, splinters, hero cards or events.
  4. Who roll his gems for heroes wants to be, can follow this tip: one should as far as possible only once a week to attempt a hero to get hold of. Gamers swear by chance on a hero also one higher, if that is attempted directly after launching the app.
Fire Emblem Heroes

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Fire Emblem Heroes

In all competitive games that have a large number of characters there is a list of tiers. The tiers are ranks that group the different fighters in different categories for their effectiveness in the game, in other words; Separates the characters into groups, from the worst to the best. Below we tell you which are the heroes of each color that are highest in this list, basically the best characters in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Red Heroes:

  • Ryoma: Type of infantry movement, type of sword weapon. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Fates, more specifically to lineage and revelation. He is an enemy in the adventure.
  • Young Tiki: Movement type infantry, type of beast weapon. It belongs to Fire Emblem Awakening. It is a dragon of more than 3000 years in the form of human woman.
  • Leo: Movement type cavalry, magic weapon type. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Fates, more concretely to conquest and revelation. He is the prince of Nohr.

Blue Heroes:

  • Nowi: Movement type infantry, beast type weapon. It belongs to the Fire Emblem Awakening delivery. Like Tiki is a manakete, a dragon with a human body.
  • Cordella: Type of flying movement, type of spear weapon. It belongs to the Fire Emblem Awakening delivery. He is a member of the knights of Ylisse.
  • Robin: Movement type cavalry, magic weapon type. It belongs to the Fire Emblem Awakening delivery. He is the avatar of the player in Awakening.

Green Heroes:

  • Hector: Type of armor movement, ax type gun. Belongs to delivery Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. Noble of Eliwood.
  • Fae: Faith type infantry movement, type of beast weapon. Belongs to the original Fire Emblem delivery. This is another manakete.
  • Camilla: Type of flying movement, type of ax weapon. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Fates, more concretely to conquest and revelation. Depending on the game can be ally or enemy due to the sides.

Neutral Heroes:

  • Takumi: Type of infantry movement, type of bow weapon. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Fates, more specifically to lineage and revelation. The greatest of the real Hosidan.
  • Jeorge: Type of infantry movement. Type of bow gun. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem. Considered the best archer of the continent.
  • Kagero: Movement type infantry, type of weapon shuriken. It belongs to the Fire Emblem Fates delivery. One of Ryoma’s companions.

Now that you know which are the best, what are you waiting for to save orbs and make you all?

SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000

It has rained a lot since SimCity 2000 is launched to the market, specifically in 1995, but the good games never go out of fashion, and today we are happy to announce that Origin offers it completely free of charge so we enjoy on our PC.

The first title in the series, – SimCity – was all the bombing began to pave the way toward what they are nowadays simulation games, and although at the time it seemed difficult to overcome, Maxis did with SimCity 2000.

A few years later, Maxis was near bankruptcy and was bought by the giant Electronic Arts, although far from disappearing, it has followed bringing us games as grandiose as the saga of the Sims and SimCity following productions.

Now, thanks to the initiative invites the House of Origin, we can download for a limited time and free of charge the special version of SimCity 2000. We just need to use this simcity buildit hack tool to get an account on the EA platform and the client installed on your computer to add the game to the library.

Invites the House already has brought us titles such as the Sims 2 or Dragon Age Origins of way free e even allowed us to try the latest games such as Battlefield 4, and now we can download the special version of this classic.

In this version we will see several expansions with additional scenarios and new cities that were added in time to the original title, in addition to listening to music in remastered version and all at the best price, free, but only for a limited time.

Given the old game, practically will not have any problem to move it on any of the computers that we have at home, so don’t hesitate and take advantage to download this fun simulation game.