May 2017


We all know that Gameloft is one of the classic developers of mobile video games. Therefore, if Gameloft decide to bet on the big and get a new game for iPhone …, we could not ignore it. That is why today we are going to talk about Siegefall, Gameloft’s new game to show you how good you are by harassing cities.

How is Siegefall, the best strategy game for iOS

The game itself is presented as a strategy game, in Siegefall we will have to attack enemy cities in order to conquer the realms of others. But it is not so easy, for this we will have an army composed of soldiers, archers, trolls, giants, heroes and even dragons. The interesting and powerful of battles is the hero you control, who can be either a fighter or a magician, depending on what you like most for your strategy.

It is not only a matter of besieging, we must also build our own city / fortress in which to grow, expand and form a powerful and experienced army. There are missions, there are achievements and there are resources to exploit in order to keep growing. In short, a whole arsenal of functions to create the largest and toughest fortified city you can imagine.

But the interesting thing about the game is above all the possibilities that it offers to personalize our army. It is not simply about raising each soldier level, but you must think and choose the type of quality in which you will train and improve your soldiers, as this will depend on whether or not you win the battle. You have to choose the right strategy to eliminate the rival, which in turn will have its own strategy.

Lastly, an important part of the game are the heroes. These heroes will learn throughout the game, but above all it will be you who learn from them and how they are, to develop their skills and improve them in such a way that they are unbeatable on the battlefield.

Mode, graphics and sound of Siegefall

Obviously the whole game is online, this multiplies the experience and the entertainment, since we play against real people and not simple algorithms. Therefore we must study the enemy better and find out how to attack him with both brute force and the magic that offers us a hero of magic or magic cards.

An interesting part of the game is the level of detail in the graphics and animations as well as the sound effects of the game. This is a very powerful game, where the smallest detail has been taken care of even to collect the wood, not to mention the effects in the battle or breaking buildings. In terms of sound we have dialogues, effects when interacting with objects and background music, all very well set to enter the context of the game.

If you want to try Siegefall you just have to download it from the App Store. It is a free game – it has in-app purchases to speed up the contraction process, although they are not necessary at all – so there is no excuse not to get with it. It is available for both iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 7 or higher.


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Best strategy for iPad

Gameloft is one of the best iPhone and iPad game developers in existence today. Many are the games and applications that launch, being on most occasions great releases that offer us a lot of entertainment. That is why we are going to see the 4 best Gameloft games released for iPad, so you can enjoy this weekend.

Order and Chaos Online

Order and Chaos Online

An interesting MMORPG game that will allow us to not only improve a character and give him new features and podderes, but also enjoy campaigns and adventures in the game. Another great free game that we can download not only for iPad, but also for iPhone.

Dungeon Hunter

Dungeon Hunter

Personally I find Gameloft’s most incredible game. In a postapocalyptic world and leading a great character with you, in Dungeon Hunter you are a bounty hunter who seeks to eliminate all existing monsters. So you can improve your skills and become the best bounty hunter in the game, competing with all players online.

World at Arms

World at Arms

Leaving aside the swords and magic powers, World at Arms will have to improve and fight to maintain our nation. Airplanes, tanks, helicopters, soldiers … everything you want to attack the enemy and defend your city. Of course a great strategy game that deserves to be considered.


Siegefall is a game that we analyzed recently and it has also been released just a few days ago. Here are important heroes, but also have a good strategy to know how to attack the rest and improve your empire. Of course it is worth giving a try and see all the possibilities it offers.

These are just some of the games of Gameloft, but not the only ones, as you will see, all are games with a great development behind and complex, not simply skill games and simple in how many graphics. And you, which one do you like the most?


8 Ball Pool isn’t really one of the most complicated pool simulator, yet its design and also reduced obstacle to access make it among the very best. It appears standard sufficient externally, however the tough team of gamers and also enough incentives include some deepness. It’s a great time-waster regardless of what your degree of ability is and also could aid you boost your video game in the real world.

If you have actually ever before played 8 Ball, you’ll leap right into this video game without much trouble. New gamers are welcomed with a standard tutorial simply in case they’re brand-new to the stripes-and-solids video game. The video game asks you to produce an account, however you could miss that component as well as still unlock the majority of the video game’s rewards. If you join Facebook or Google, you could test your good friends to a video game and also share you success on socials media. The video game is a cool discovering device for pool followers, as it attracts angles as well as lines that assist you map the best shot. Aligning your shot and also changing your power bar is smooth as well as liquid, as well. You could open even more power-ups as well as custom-made hints by using this 8 Ball Pool Hack tool to winning suits and also competitions. Regrettably, the video game’s in-game money is difficult to find by (unless you intend to buy it with real-world loan). It does not aid that 8 Ball Pool has a lots of truly skilled gamers separating you as well as the large profits, either. Nonetheless, while that can be daunting, initially, it does aid the video game keep fresh as well as enjoyable.

Though it is difficult to progress even more in 8 Ball Pool, many individuals will certainly take pleasure in the difficulty as well as the video game’s pacing. The video game is a blast to play even if you just have a couple of mins to invest.

From Miniclip: 8 Ball Pocket is the traditional Billiards video game, where you placed the solids or red stripes sphere in the red. It’s really simple to play, simply by touching the white round and also drawing it in reverse. It sustains Solitary Gamer as well as 2 Gamer on the very same Gadget. Video game Quality: 1) Solitary Gamer (No Policies) 2) Dual Gamer (With Companion) 3) 4 Various Pool Tablets4) Shake and also Audio results.