App Store credit: iTunes cards with bonus and discount

This week, buyers of an iTunes card at the Discounter Penny are given a bonus credit – it varies depending on the price of the card. A bank can instantly discount on iTunes credit.

The food discounter Penny offers iTunes cards with bonus credits this week in its branches. The campaign will run until next Saturday, 25 March. The additional credit is granted when you purchase a 25 Euro, 50 Euro and 100 Euro card. The higher the amount, the higher the bonus credit: the smallest card is 10 percent, the 50 Euro card 15 percent additional iTunes or App Store credit. When you buy iTunes credit in the amount of 100 Euro, 20 Euro – 20 percent – will be awarded.

To redeem the additional credit, buyers receive an extra code, which is noted on the cash receipt or the iTunes receipt – this must be redeemed in addition to the free iTunes code printed on the card in iTunes or the App Store.

Online discount on iTunes codes

At the DKB Bank, customers can buy iTunes codes online with discount. From a value of € 25, the bank writes 10 percent well – the discount amount is to be transferred back to the account within ten days.

The iTunes credit allows you to purchase in Apple’s digital stores, from the App Store to the iTunes Store, to the Mac App Store, covering both content and software. Subscriptions can also be paid more favorably, be it iCloud storage space, Apple Music or a Netflix subscription.