We all know that Gameloft is one of the classic developers of mobile video games. Therefore, if Gameloft decide to bet on the big and get a new game for iPhone …, we could not ignore it. That is why today we are going to talk about Siegefall, Gameloft’s new game to show you how good you are by harassing cities.

How is Siegefall, the best strategy game for iOS

The game itself is presented as a strategy game, in Siegefall we will have to attack enemy cities in order to conquer the realms of others. But it is not so easy, for this we will have an army composed of soldiers, archers, trolls, giants, heroes and even dragons. The interesting and powerful of battles is the hero you control, who can be either a fighter or a magician, depending on what you like most for your strategy.

It is not only a matter of besieging, we must also build our own city / fortress in which to grow, expand and form a powerful and experienced army. There are missions, there are achievements and there are resources to exploit in order to keep growing. In short, a whole arsenal of functions to create the largest and toughest fortified city you can imagine.

But the interesting thing about the game is above all the possibilities that it offers to personalize our army. It is not simply about raising each soldier level, but you must think and choose the type of quality in which you will train and improve your soldiers, as this will depend on whether or not you win the battle. You have to choose the right strategy to eliminate the rival, which in turn will have its own strategy.

Lastly, an important part of the game are the heroes. These heroes will learn throughout the game, but above all it will be you who learn from them and how they are, to develop their skills and improve them in such a way that they are unbeatable on the battlefield.

Mode, graphics and sound of Siegefall

Obviously the whole game is online, this multiplies the experience and the entertainment, since we play against real people and not simple algorithms. Therefore we must study the enemy better and find out how to attack him with both brute force and the magic that offers us a hero of magic or magic cards.

An interesting part of the game is the level of detail in the graphics and animations as well as the sound effects of the game. This is a very powerful game, where the smallest detail has been taken care of even to collect the wood, not to mention the effects in the battle or breaking buildings. In terms of sound we have dialogues, effects when interacting with objects and background music, all very well set to enter the context of the game.

If you want to try Siegefall you just have to download it from the App Store. It is a free game – it has in-app purchases to speed up the contraction process, although they are not necessary at all – so there is no excuse not to get with it. It is available for both iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 7 or higher.

Tips For Extending Using Your iTunes Present Cards

You will definitely like obtaining an iTunes present card as an existing if you enjoy purchasing on the Apple Application Shop or on the iTunes Shop. As well as if you do not obtain this product as a present, there are numerous on-line stores where you could obtain this specific kind of digital card conveniently. There are additionally various repayment approaches as well as quantities or religions offered for you opt to from so you could get the most effective one that matches your spending plan and also needs.

You could absolutely go shopping to your heart’s web content as soon as you obtain your iTunes present card. You could download and install all the cds, applications or tunes, TELEVISION programs, as well as films you desire on your Apple tool. You will conveniently be lured to max out this card on all these things. You could still extend the usage of or amount packed in your iTunes present card. Exactly how? Adhere to the ideas listed below:

Acquire affordable or economical iTunes present cards. If you purchase one that comes at an affordable price, you will absolutely conserve loan and also obtain the most out of your iTunes present card. If you prepare on investing a whole lot on iTunes or the Application Shop, this will certainly be particularly handy. Figure out which on-line shops or distributor market iTunes present cards for much less compared to the real stated value. There are additionally some websites that acquire this kind of digital card from individuals that do not desire them as well as re-sell them to customers for a discount rate.

Go for the totally free products. Download and install and also discover all the cost-free things initially if you truly desire to extend the costs power of your iTunes present card. You could download and install a lot of one of the most preferred applications anyhow such as video games, standard office-related ones, as well as the applications you could utilize for modifying and also sharing images. You could likewise make use of the Leading Free graph in the Application Shop to figure out which applications as well as video games could be downloaded and install absolutely free. There are additionally blog sites and also web sites which share info on which tunes are readily available for actually absolutely nothing on iTunes.

Search for as well as use readily available bargains. Do some research study to locate out exactly how you could conserve cash when downloading and install some things from the Application or iTunes shop. Particular internet sites track as well as share bargains and also promo code codes you could make use of for some applications. Various other web sites or blog sites additionally share information on which flicks have actually lately seen a rate decrease on iTunes.

App Store credit: iTunes cards with bonus and discount

This week, buyers of an iTunes card at the Discounter Penny are given a bonus credit – it varies depending on the price of the card. A bank can instantly discount on iTunes credit.

The food discounter Penny offers iTunes cards with bonus credits this week in its branches. The campaign will run until next Saturday, 25 March. The additional credit is granted when you purchase a 25 Euro, 50 Euro and 100 Euro card. The higher the amount, the higher the bonus credit: the smallest card is 10 percent, the 50 Euro card 15 percent additional iTunes or App Store credit. When you buy iTunes credit in the amount of 100 Euro, 20 Euro – 20 percent – will be awarded.

To redeem the additional credit, buyers receive an extra code, which is noted on the cash receipt or the iTunes receipt – this must be redeemed in addition to the free iTunes code printed on the card in iTunes or the App Store.

Online discount on iTunes codes

At the DKB Bank, customers can buy iTunes codes online with discount. From a value of € 25, the bank writes 10 percent well – the discount amount is to be transferred back to the account within ten days.

The iTunes credit allows you to purchase in Apple’s digital stores, from the App Store to the iTunes Store, to the Mac App Store, covering both content and software. Subscriptions can also be paid more favorably, be it iCloud storage space, Apple Music or a Netflix subscription.

How to set up iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

If you have just purchased a new iPhone terminal, either iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, the first thing that will happen to your head is surely the doubts of How do I configure my iPhone? Or How long will it take to start using my iPhone ?. We know the impatience of the desire to release a new Apple product, so let’s answer your questions easily so you can start using your device in a few moments.

How long does it take to configure the iPhone 7?

Setting up the iPhone 7 usually takes around 15 – 30 minutes if nothing strange happens during the process. This is just to get you to the starting point where you can start using the iPhone. As I indicated above if there is an activation error, the activation can take us almost an hour.

After the initial setup you can choose how to set up your new iPhone and start using it, but most users want to migrate or restore from iCloud or make a backup with an iTunes backup. This can easily be done but it will take us another hour or even two in the setup time of the iPhone 7, of course everything will depend on the size of the backup.

When loading a copy from iTunes we can wait at least half an hour, but most likely if it is necessary to restore from a backup from iCloud, these will take us even two hours of our time.

How to set up iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Once we have turned on the new iPhone, the process of activating it is very simple thanks to the way it is done, step by step, as it has been created by Apple. If it is not available, you will be asked to create an Apple ID account, which is also very simple and fast.

In addition, during activation that can be performed from the same device or through iTunes, the iOS device will ask us if we want to recover the last backup of iTunes or iCloud. In this step you only have to choose the option that you prefer, among these you will also find the option to configure the device as a new iPhone, this will allow us to configure the device manually. At the end of the process, the iPhone is ready to be used.

During the configuration you can also configure Search my iPhone and Touch ID, security measures for access control and to find / find the iPhone in case of loss or theft.

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus "Jet White" could see the light soon

From the famous Asian website Mac Otakara firmly believe that Apple could be considering adding to its new catalog of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus a new model in “Bright White” or “White” color.

When will the iPhone 7 arrive in Bright White version?

According to the report, the same has not been specifically specified when the current and latest model of the Apple smartphone in the new bright white color could be available, although there is a probability that it is preparing to be launched during the End-of-year holidays, which could directly influence an increase in sales of the device.

Despite this, it is believed that the new high-end mobile device could be made of white ceramic material, as well as the latest model of the watch, Apple Watch, that launched the guys from the California firm during the last event Presentation of their new phones and watches.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus could have many more colors than other models

In practice, Apple may intend to make the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus in the new “Jet White” or “Bright White” color in order to offer its customers a new option among the different models that currently Are available in the (Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Black and Shiny Black).

Of course, this is a news yet to be verified but not so far-fetched, especially considering that Apple has already launched other models of iPhone in white after having made the official presentation of the same device only in black.

Castle Clash Cheats


Castle Clash Cheats

Castle Clash Cheats promise not only precious stones and gold, but also heroes, that are difficult to get. What is it & how do you save legendary heroes are? More here!

After the download of Castle Clash for Android or iOS, players get quickly to feel the typical limitations of Free2Play games. The Treasury is empty, resources are scarce and of legendary heroes far and wide each track is missing. That tempts one or the other sure to look for suitable cheats.

Legendary heroes come with Castle Clash Cheats?

The heroes are the alpha and Omega, and the most important fighter in Castle Clash. They are just hard to get and to snag mostly through the use of precious stones or at special events. Some exist only with the purchase of a certain amount of gems. The best example: the destroyer. Players get them only if they 300000 (!) Purchased gems via in-app purchase – which is even with the cheapest package around a money value of 1500 euro. Most players will be well prepared to invest a sum of such and are looking for alternative ways to destroyer Spiritmaster or Minotaur approach. It doesn’t work only with the Castle Clash Cheats. Because instead of Heroes bring only viruses or are hot on the data of people who willingly give it into the hands of dubious providers. That’s why our advice: distance should be kept of such dubious offers. Also, players risk the deletion of their account, should they be caught by Developer cheating.

Heroes come without Castle Clash Cheats

Well, in fairness must be said in advance that some heroes actually only via in-app purchases, and in no other way can be played free. The developer that put on the classic concept of Pay2Win (pay, to win). What is annoying is allay, that 1500 euro no rational human being to the wallet will take equivalent and the number of destroyers in the game remains more than manageable. For all other heroes, there are a few tricks, how to get to the coveted fighter:

  1. There’s the Druid, when you log in every day for 30 days.
  2. The spirit Mage is to win even without the use of real money: with luck and many app installations via Tapjoy.
  3. You can get the other heroes by precious stones, splinters, hero cards or events.
  4. Who roll his gems for heroes wants to be, can follow this tip: one should as far as possible only once a week to attempt a hero to get hold of. Gamers swear by chance on a hero also one higher, if that is attempted directly after launching the app.
Fire Emblem Heroes

, ,

Fire Emblem Heroes

In all competitive games that have a large number of characters there is a list of tiers. The tiers are ranks that group the different fighters in different categories for their effectiveness in the game, in other words; Separates the characters into groups, from the worst to the best. Below we tell you which are the heroes of each color that are highest in this list, basically the best characters in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Red Heroes:

  • Ryoma: Type of infantry movement, type of sword weapon. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Fates, more specifically to lineage and revelation. He is an enemy in the adventure.
  • Young Tiki: Movement type infantry, type of beast weapon. It belongs to Fire Emblem Awakening. It is a dragon of more than 3000 years in the form of human woman.
  • Leo: Movement type cavalry, magic weapon type. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Fates, more concretely to conquest and revelation. He is the prince of Nohr.

Blue Heroes:

  • Nowi: Movement type infantry, beast type weapon. It belongs to the Fire Emblem Awakening delivery. Like Tiki is a manakete, a dragon with a human body.
  • Cordella: Type of flying movement, type of spear weapon. It belongs to the Fire Emblem Awakening delivery. He is a member of the knights of Ylisse.
  • Robin: Movement type cavalry, magic weapon type. It belongs to the Fire Emblem Awakening delivery. He is the avatar of the player in Awakening.

Green Heroes:

  • Hector: Type of armor movement, ax type gun. Belongs to delivery Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. Noble of Eliwood.
  • Fae: Faith type infantry movement, type of beast weapon. Belongs to the original Fire Emblem delivery. This is another manakete.
  • Camilla: Type of flying movement, type of ax weapon. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Fates, more concretely to conquest and revelation. Depending on the game can be ally or enemy due to the sides.

Neutral Heroes:

  • Takumi: Type of infantry movement, type of bow weapon. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Fates, more specifically to lineage and revelation. The greatest of the real Hosidan.
  • Jeorge: Type of infantry movement. Type of bow gun. It belongs to the delivery Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem. Considered the best archer of the continent.
  • Kagero: Movement type infantry, type of weapon shuriken. It belongs to the Fire Emblem Fates delivery. One of Ryoma’s companions.

Now that you know which are the best, what are you waiting for to save orbs and make you all?

Just how 8 Ball Pool hack Can Aid in Video game?


The Game is an on the internet enjoyable to play multiplayer video game. You need to get in touch with your challenger in the video game and also have actually a swimming pool established with him/her. The competition play in the video game is much outstanding as well as usable, as you obtain tough oppositions as well as champs from around the world. Most definitely you have gloss on your own with sign as well as stick abilities. The video game has actually was started by the “Miniclip” which is an on-line video games web site having kind of preferred video game programs. Well after reviewing the summary of the video game you certainly need to lug abilities as well as defeat your opponents. Therefore we have actually established this 8 ball pool hack generator which offers an utmost simplicity for those that are brand-new in the video game battle or have actually reduced capability to defeat their opponents.

Regarding The 8 Ball Pool Coins:

You have actually usually seen many individuals requesting you a coins present on Facebook. You could have seen some individuals with the summary of offering 8 round swimming pool coins on various online forums. This might be a busy job for you to choose above stated strategies. That’s why for your simplicity as well as convenience have actually created this online 8 ball pool hack device. You could conveniently take care of the device as it made up off easiest alternatives. Simply provide some mins to this device after offering the information concerning what does it cost? coins as well as you wish to produce, kick back, allow this device as well as kick back help you truly.

Just how 8 Ball Pool Cheats Can Help in Game?

When you communicate with the video game, it is not evident that you need to win whenever when you play, also having utmost video gaming abilities cannot conserve you by beating in some cases. Below is the excellent time to make use of infuse 8 round swimming pool rips off in the video game and also provide a marvel to your competitor. A lot of the moment 2 or 3 successive beats shuffle your self-confidence so you could shed continuing to be deluxe in the your. To conserve you from that loss and also self-confidence evasion, 8 ball pool hack rotates as well as coins device is the primary and also very first choice to dominate the video game once more. Be unwind do not leave your barely made 8 sphere swimming pool coins. Obtain a blast of endless 8 round swimming pool rotates and also cash money as well as maintain appreciating the video game. Hack 8 round swimming pool video game with this incredible online generator or download it to your computer and also mount it. For every time you do not desire to come on website to utilize this 8 sphere swimming pool online generator.

The best ways to Hack 8 Ball Pool Coins

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Although the main charm of Clash of Clans is the multiplayer game we must not forget that we also have a campaign mode in which we can destroy the 50 villages of the elves. At first glance you may fall into the error of considering that the individual campaign is not interesting but then we explain the importance of these missions and give you a few tips to overcome them without dying in the attempt.


Reasons to attack the villages of elves

  • Obtain Resources: It may seem a minor reason because in the first villages of the elves scarcely there are resources to steal, but in the last levels you can get large amounts of gold and elixir you may need to get the resources needed to improve a building or troop . The ideal time to get resources from elf villages is when you have the active protection shield.
  • Practice Strategies: With each evolution of our town hall, buildings and troop level, Clash of Clans becomes more demanding in terms of our combat strategies. When you have been playing for a long time you will realize that there are fewer abandoned villages and more experienced players with well-built villages and higher level active improvements that will force us to change our attack strategy. At that time, elf villages are the best possible scenario for practicing new strategies, testing new units or upgrading them by leveling them up. In addition, attacking the villages of goblins does not remove the shield of protection or you will be in danger of revenge.
  • Get gems: although it is not one of the simplest achievements to get or one that will give us more clash of clans free gems of the whole game, if you get the three stars in all the villages of the leprechauns you will gain a total of 35 gems.
  • Eliminate unwanted troops: more than once you will find yourself in the situation that you have troops of some kind, either because you spent creating barbarians and then you could not fit that healer or that dragon you needed so much or because some ally of your clan He has given you goblins when you asked for giants. In those cases, sending those troops to a certain death against the villages of the elves is a perfect solution to accommodate the troops you need.

Tips for attacking Goblin Villages

Broadly speaking there is not much difference between multiplayer battles and campaign mode as the goal is the same, but there are some differences that we can take advantage of:

  • Take your time: attacks on the villages of the elves do not have time limit so do not stress, you can take the time that you want to prove which is the best place to cross the defenses or which are the best troops to destroy each village.
  • Study the village: as you have no time limit and each level is always the same (the village is not randomly generated), you can access the village you want all the necessary times to examine it and decide the best attack.
  • Do not waste troops unnecessarily: The resources of the villages do not regenerate so once you have stolen all the gold and elixir of a village you have no reason to attack it again. Even if you have between 10% and 20% of resources for stealing remaining without troops, the best thing you can do is to leave it alone for the moment and to finish the job again when you have troops of higher level or new units unlocked since It will be easier for you to raze the village in question with little effort.
  • Take some goblins with you: most goblin villages are plagued with bombs and jumping traps. To deactivate them without leaving valuable troops on the road, take with your army a good handful of kamikaze goblins. With their speed they will become the best mine detectors and death will not be in vain. The best way to use them is to drop them in different areas of the village or where there are entrance areas without walls.
  • Clear the way to the air units: Balloons and dragons can virtually destroy a village but are very vulnerable to air defenses. It is for this reason that on many levels the best strategy is to first destroy the towers of archers, wizards and air defenses to then deploy a dragon or balloon that will destroy the rest of buildings quietly because, remember, there is no time limit.

Finally, I leave you with a walkthrough in which you can see how to destroy the 50 villages of goblins:

We hope these tips will help you to tackle Clash of Clans campaign mode, a way that while not the main fun of the game, you can help improve your style of play while earning resources and a handful of gems.

clash royale free gems


clash royale free gems

I had wanted to show you this method for a long time and I could not find the moment one day at a time. Today, with the calm of Easter, I have been able to find those minutes so necessary to create this article so coveted by many of you.

As you know, the gems are scarce in Clash Royale and we spend them very fast. We will mainly spend them on:

  • Chests: We can use gems to buy special coffers or to instantly open coffers obtained in battle.
  • Money: When we want to improve or buy a card and we do not have enough money, we will not have another to use gems to complete the amount that we are asked.

How do I get gems in Clash Royale?

Within the game we can only get gems in three ways:

  1. Opening chests. One of the rewards you get inside a chest is gems, but there are few gems for what it costs to get them.
  2. Completing achievements. When completing achievements, as in Clash of Clans, we are rewarded with gems. As in the previous case I find a misery of gems in exchange for what they ask.
  3. Buying them with money. Within the game we can get gems packs paying with our money.

But as you all imagine, you can get clash royale free gems in other ways. What I am going to show you next is how to get cards from Google Play or iTunes totally free. After getting the card we will only have to redeem the code inside the corresponding store.

Get gems for free with AppNana

With AppNana we can get google play cards and iTunes totally free. The application is based on trying other applications that you recommend and every time you try one they give you free points or nanas as they call them. By having a minimum of nanas you can exchange them for codes cards to spend on games, in our case it will be Pokémon GO.

The good thing is that all the apps I’ve tried are the best and I’ve tried a lot. Especially because we can choose the country where we live to get the exchangeable code in our country. Other apps will not let you.

Free points when registering with this code c18566066

Just by entering this code c18566066, when registering you will get 2500 free points. As you will see getting points is very easy and fast, with each application or game you install earns an average of 2000 points.