inimum requirements of Ghost Recon Wildlands

inimum requirements of Ghost Recon Wildlands

Something less than a month after the release of the new Ubisoft, Ghost Recon Wildlands, we are starting to know the minimum and recommended requirements that we will need to move with ease. The news comes a week after finishing the closed beta, although they are not the definitive ones of Ubisoft, are requirements that have decided to give Nvidia.

The requirements that we are going to show you below, therefore, are not completely definitive nor count for the users of graphic cards AMD. However, it is expected that in the next few days Ubisoft will release its own requirements, which are probably 100% match with those that Nvidia has released.

Minimum requirements for Ghost Recon Wildlands

Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit only)
CPU: Intel Core i5-2400S @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-4320 @ 4 GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 660 with 2GB of VRAM
Disk space: 50GB free

Recommended requirements for Ghost Recon Wildlands

Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit only)
CPU: Intel Core i7- 3770 @ 3.5 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4 GHz
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1060 or GeForce GTX 970 with 4GB of VRAM
Disk space: 50GB free

This news comes, as we have commented, a week after the Ubisoft released the closed beta of Ghost Recon Widllands, a beta that has not had an outstanding performance. On the contrary, all users have strongly criticized the poor optimization of it.

In CubGame.com we tested the closed beta on a PC that exceeds the recommended requirements for playing Nvidia (1060 6GB, 16GB RAM and i5 6600), and the result was worrisome. Although the title was not unplayable, it clearly had a performance of about 20-30 fps below expectations, indicating that it needs improvement. However, the closed beta might have been terminated for some time and the current result would be much better than seen in that beta.

On the other hand, it has been confirmed that there will be open beta, which will be an opportunity for users to test the game to see how advanced the optimization is and we are likely to simultaneously know the official requirements of Ubisoft.

SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000

It has rained a lot since SimCity 2000 is launched to the market, specifically in 1995, but the good games never go out of fashion, and today we are happy to announce that Origin offers it completely free of charge so we enjoy on our PC.

The first title in the series, – SimCity – was all the bombing began to pave the way toward what they are nowadays simulation games, and although at the time it seemed difficult to overcome, Maxis did with SimCity 2000.

A few years later, Maxis was near bankruptcy and was bought by the giant Electronic Arts, although far from disappearing, it has followed bringing us games as grandiose as the saga of the Sims and SimCity following productions.

Now, thanks to the initiative invites the House of Origin, we can download for a limited time and free of charge the special version of SimCity 2000. We just need to use this simcity buildit hack tool to get an account on the EA platform and the client installed on your computer to add the game to the library.

Invites the House already has brought us titles such as the Sims 2 or Dragon Age Origins of way free e even allowed us to try the latest games such as Battlefield 4, and now we can download the special version of this classic.

In this version we will see several expansions with additional scenarios and new cities that were added in time to the original title, in addition to listening to music in remastered version and all at the best price, free, but only for a limited time.

Given the old game, practically will not have any problem to move it on any of the computers that we have at home, so don’t hesitate and take advantage to download this fun simulation game.

Mass Effect Andromeda is very close to his departure. March 21 will be released for fans of one of the most acclaimed sagas of the last generation, and we all hope that the reunion will live up to BioWare’s new space adventure.

At Andromeda we will be one of the Ryder brothers, and we will try to find a new home for humanity. Already with the known launch date and just around the corner, we know in detail what bonus we will have to reserve the game. This is an interesting aid for the multiplayer and aspects for the main story.

These are the bonuses for booking Mass Effect Andromeda

By booking the game at any time before its departure on March 21, we will have the following bonuses.

  • Deep space explorer armor: a white armor with ocher and blue details to give your best against the enemies you’re waiting for in Andromeda.
  • Multiplayer Enhancement Pack: To get faster level up from the first moment, you will have five 50% bonus experience. Not bad to begin with.
  • Aspect for the Nomad: an aspect for the car with which we will explore the planets and with which so much time we will pass by Andromeda.

Bonus for buying higher editions

The previous bonuses will have all the players that reserve any type of edition of Mass Effect Andromeda. For buying higher editions, such as Deluxe or Super Deluxe we will have more bonuses, but we will not have to reserve them, unless we want the bonus of the reservation.

With the Deluxe Edition we get the casual pioneer outfit for when we are not on a mission, scavenger armor for when you have to get out to do some work and play elite weapons for pioneers. In addition we will have a space monkey to accompany us by Andromeda as a mascot, the original soundtrack to download and a package of equipment for the multiplayer.

Finally, the Super Deluxe Edition has all of the above, plus the bonus of the reservation if we reserve it, and a package for the multiplayer. It contains 20 weekly premium packages, which we will receive for 20 weeks with content to improve in multiplayer.

At a glance, and still to know the ins and outs of the multiplayer, the edition that more income is the Deluxe, you can also get with a 5% discount if you are members Origin or Ea Access. Are you ready to explore Andromeda?