War board games are very close to strategy board games. Both of them are usually trying to simulate the real-life progression of a battle, a war, or the development of a civilization. Compared with abstract games like chess, checkers or go, they are usually more realistic and often have a background story which relates them to real life. But compared to wargames, which are more closely related to real military maneuvers, the board versions are not as serious and do not try to simulate all the elements of a battle.

War board games games usually put more emphasis on strategy rather than pure luck. And that’s why many players who get to know this game type never get tired of them. Each following battle, one can try to improve his strategy and when the victory is finally there, it’s a real satisfaction of the mind as it’s thanks to the decisions that he has made during the game.

For people who like an element of competition, it’s much more motivating to play against the strategies of other players than against their luck. Generally taken, all games are a type of competition – so bringing the topic of war conflict into the game is quite normal. Like all games played against opponents, the board battles give a chance for social interaction. But in addition, you can learn things like situation analysis, risk assessment and logistics.

Some games try to imitate historical battles, like Memoir ’44 that revives the battles of World War II. This game type also gives an opportunity to learn history while playing. Other games like Axis and Allies are generally historical, but not related to concrete battles, but Risk example is entirely generic and not linked to any specific place or historical era.

Because of the success of computer games, the popularity of board games suffered at first, but now it’s rising again. In fact, many computer-gamers have discovered that war board games are in much similar to computer war games. Moreover, board versions have been created from many known computer war games like Starcraft or the Age of Empires III.

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Hospital is one such place where nobody likes to pay a visit but have to do so when seriously injured or struck with a fatal illness. It is a conceptualized idea among all the people that hospital atmosphere is so “BORING”! Not a slight touch of entertainment anywhere. Same old doctors, same old nurses without a smile on their faces, always after your life to make you gulp those bitter medicines! This is the picture that most of the patients, especially kids have in their minds. Now how can you make the hospital atmosphere mirthful? Simple, install a DISH TV and your problem will be solved within seconds.

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Many would consider board games which are still played today to be a relatively recent invention, however the history of board games goes back thousands of years with games being developed in many different parts of the world.

In English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, etc most people have heard of best selling board games such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Battleship and many others. However games such as Senet, Go and Tafl probably do not sound so familiar.

Hailing from ancient Egypt, Senet is a game that dates back to 3100 BCE. The name roughly translates in English to the “game of passing”. Somewhat resembling an oddly shaped ancient checkers board, the Senet game board is a grid of thirty squares, set up in three rows of ten. Unfortunately no exact rules are known for the game and have only been guessed by scholars who believe the game is played like a distant variation of checkers.

Despite being noted of being played in China back to at least the 4th century BCE, Go is still being played today throughout the world.  Go is a two player strategy game which is noted for its simplicity in rules, however at the same time being rich in strategy. Go is played on a wooden board with 19 lines running horizontally and vertically. Game play consists of each player moving their pieces in accordance with the ancient rules.

Tafl is a two player game which has ancient Germanic, Celtic and Viking history dating back to around 400 CE. Viewed by some as the thinking man’s game prior to Chess arriving to Northern Europe, Tafl games generally go for 5-20 minutes on what looks like an uncolored chess board. The rules are also somewhat similar to chess in that each of the two players have their own colored pieces which may perform certain actions. One key difference to chess is each player has a different amount of game pieces.

There are many resources online to read about the rich history of board games and their rules. All it takes is some searches in your favorite search engine and you can be swept back generations or even thousands of years to a different era. If you can’t find the board or pieces for some of these very old games, you can even user the internet to look up resources on making a board game.

Perhaps next time you are with your friends you might even play what your ancestors once did or at the very least this will allow you to think a little bit differently next time you play one of today’s best selling board games.


Axis & Allies is a war board game series not easy to write about – it has a total of 11 versions, each of which has slightly different rules. Generally, Axis and Allies board game deals with the historical period of World War II and the objective is always to win the war by capturing enough critical territories to gain an advantage over the enemies. Many players of Axis & Allies find it fascinating to get a chance to rewrite history – could one, for example, avoid the failure of American forces in Pearl Harbor?

Modelling world powers

Axis & Allies models the economical and military situations of the most powerful countries of the world in the beginning of the World War II, meaning that the game board is set up accordingly each time. Two up to five players can play and each of them represents a different world power: In the latest version of the board game, Axis & Allies: 1942, these countries are Germany and Japan from the Axis side, against the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and the USA from the Allies side. The situation of each country is different at the beginning of the game, as is the path to victory.

During his turn, each player has to choose how to spend his IPCs aka “industrial production credits”, which are basically the “money” of this game. IPCs can be used to buy units, repair broken structures, advance in technology, etc. Like in Risk board game, battles are resolved with the help of dice. However, in Axis & Allies, the winning numbers depend on the type of the unit: tanks, for example, have more winning numbers than infantry. At the end of the turn, players collect new IPCs according to the territories that they control. And when either the Axis or the Allies powers have completed their objectives, the game is over.

Serious yet simple

Axis & Allies has been described as one of the easiest historical war board games to learn, but this doesn’t certainly mean that playing it a couple of times is enough to become a pro. The official instruction manual of Axis & Allies board game states that, “in this game, you’ll discover that cooperation and negotiation are just as important as tactical maneuvering”. Compared to Risk, Axis & Allies is more realistic as it models a real historical period and has different unit types. Axis & Allies is certainly a serious war board game – this can already be seen from the fact that the US military likes it. But at the same time, it doesn’t go into too much detail and is simple enough to be played within 3 hours.

One of the latest major revisions of the game series is Axis & Allies: 1942, which has been praised by many fans of the game series for its balanced gameplay and a buyer-friendly price. Furthermore, the quality of game pieces is said to be excellent in comparison with other strategy board games. But in addition, several previous versions that focus on certain battles are also still available for sale. Axis & Allies: D-Day, for example, focuses on the liberation on Normandy by the allied troops. Axis & Allies: Guadacanal is a two-player version that brings the players to the conflict of Japan and the USA for the Solomon islands.


Poland is among the world’s first ten most visited countries, many tourists coming from neighboring nations. Although the first tourist attraction is Krakow, the ancient capital of Poland, tourists also like the beach resorts along the Baltic Sea, the Mazury Lake District, the national parks and the Carpathian and Sudeten mountains.

Poland is also widely known for its wildlife, for its vast forests, for its rare animals and for its numerous lakes. Tourists leave this country having fantastic memories and wanting to come back as soon as possible. Everyone can find something fascinating to do in Poland and the modern infrastructure allows visitors to delight in the highest standards of recreation.

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