Small Update: The Google Play store now supports Launcher Shortcuts

There are many Google apps that are preinstalled on many smartphones, but are not updated frequently. One of these is the Google Play Newsstand. After several months it was now again and the app has now also received the support for the launcher shortcuts, which are supported with Android nougat and with some other launchers.

Google introduced the launcher shortcuts last year and allows them to call apps at a particular place. This makes in some apps more and in other apps less sense, but since they can only be used optionally, is not a problem with both. Just a few days ago the GMail app got the support and with the free googleplay codes now follows the next app.

The Google Play store now supports the launcher shortcuts with the latest update. In this, there are four different entries that lead to the four main navigation points: your own subscriptions, the library, magazines and the items marked with ReadLater. Interestingly, the entry for Explore is missing, with which new contents can be searched – but obviously this menu was not overloaded.

Interestingly, these kiosk shortcuts have been implemented for the first time technically differently than before. Instead of being in an XML file, which can be read out by other launchers, these entries are found directly in the code. This means that these entries do not appear in other launchers. Whether Google wants to prevent the use in other launchers or there are other reasons is not known.